We are moving to GitLab

After many years of using Bazaar and, sadly they are being abandoned by their creators, and so to ensure the longevity of OpenLP, we have decided to move to GitLab.

Keep up to date with the status of our move by checking the Moving_to_GitLab page.


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Empower Your Church

Your church was just given a data projector and you want to use it to display the lyrics of songs. You were thinking of using PowerPoint, but after a test found it very unwieldy. Then someone suggested that you look at commercial church presentation software, but when you looked at the price tag, you knew your church could not afford that kind of money. You begin to wonder if you should just go back to hymn books and just leave projection of song words to bigger churches who can afford to do it.

Allow us to present the solution to the problem:

Unlimited Freedom

Cross1.png is free. And it's not just a below-standard freebie thing, it's a powerful, elegant open source application. What does that mean? It means that the code that the developers write is available to you. But more than that, it means that is, and always will be, free. Free to download, free to use, free to give to all your friends. Unlimited freedom, like the freedom we find in Christ.

Find Out More

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Want to learn more about Have a look at the documentation, which contains everything from getting started, to submitting bug reports. Discuss problems and issues with other users of in the forums, and read up on what the developers are doing via the developer blogs. See what other people are saying. If you wanna take a sneak peek at before downloading it, have a look at the screenshots. Lastly, download and install