We are moving to GitLab

After many years of using Bazaar and, sadly they are being abandoned by their creators, and so to ensure the longevity of OpenLP, we have decided to move to GitLab.

Keep up to date with the status of our move by checking the Moving_to_GitLab page.


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OpenLP now uses Bazaar for version control, with the code hosted on Launchpad. Bazaar is a Distributed Version Control System. If you are unfamiliar with DVCSs and/or Bazaar, there is a explanation of DVCS and a short Bazaar tutorial available.


Due to the repository format OpenLP uses, you will require Bazaar version 2.0 or later. If you are using Windows or Mac OS X, just download the latest version. Ubuntu users install the bzr package and Fedora users the bzr and bzrtools packages.


The instructions for Windows here will mostly deal with the Tortoise Bazaar shell extension. The command line commands can however be used. In order to do so, run "Start Bzr in cmd shell" from the Start menu.

You will also need to set up an SSH keypair in order to authenticate against Launchpad.

Who Am I

You need to configure Bazaar with your name and email address so that your commits can be identified. You should use an email address which is registered on Launchpad.

Linux: Use the following command.

 $ bzr whoami "Michael Gorven <>"

Windows: Either start the bzr command prompt, via Start -> Bazaar -> Start bzr and enter the commands as per Linux, or Right click on any folder, choose "Tortoise Bazaar" and then "Settings". Click on "General Bazaar Settings" and then enter your name and email address.


In order to change code on Launchpad, you need to configure Bazaar with your Launchpad username, as well as generate and setup an SSH key on Launchpad. Follow these instructions for generating an SSH key (Windows users should probably use the Putty method). Enter the public key on Launchpad:

  1. Open your browser to Launchpad and log in
  2. Go to your home page and click on the Change details link
  3. Click on the SSH Keys tab
  4. Paste that public key into the text box at the bottom of the page
  5. Click the Import Public Key button at the bottom of the page


Linux: Use the following command.

 $ bzr launchpad-login mgorven

Windows: Start a bzr cmd shell and use the second command as above to enter your Launchpad username.

Further Information

Details on how to develop with Bazaar are detailed in Development Workflow.