We are moving to GitLab

After many years of using Bazaar and, sadly they are being abandoned by their creators, and so to ensure the longevity of OpenLP, we have decided to move to GitLab.

Keep up to date with the status of our move by checking the Moving_to_GitLab page.


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Notes containing info for out of date information which hasn't yet made it back into the proper pages...

  • Prior to first run, copy contents of trunk/resources/.openlp into ~/.openlp (linux) or c:\documents and settings\username\application data\.openlp (XP)
  • Also copy trunk/resources/songs/songs.sqlite into ~/.openlp/data/songs/
  • Edit ~/.openlp/openlp.conf so the [main] data path contains the correct path
  • At time of writing afr1953 bible may not work, so might be best to delete
  • When running openlp, create a theme prior to attempting to display something
  • Straight sqlite -> sqlite3 bible conversion is unlikely to work as is. Use provided bibles, osis import, or Web downloads for now.