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As part of the release of OpenLP 2.0, we want to upgrade and reskin the site.


What's been done so far.


  • Local test upgrade to Drupal 6
  • Local test of consolidation of forums
  • Local test export forums to Vanilla
  • Local test of Drupal-Vanilla integration
  • Local test upgrade to Drupal 7


  • Upgrade site to Drupal 6
  • Consolidate forums
  • New URL rewriting rules

To Do For Release of OpenLP 2.0

  • New theme
  • Export forums to Vanilla
  • Drupal-Vanilla integration
  • Upgrade site to Drupal 7
  • Remove old URL redirections

List of Important URLs

  • Features
  • Download
  • Blog
  • Forums - moved to separate site
  • Development
  • Testimonials
  • Requirements - move to user guide?
  • Documentation - point to v2 user guide and/or manual
  • Search
  • Theme Gallery
  • Support - Remove references to specific developers
    • Live Chat in IRC
    • Contact Us
  • The Team - Currently quite out of date, would be nice to update with headshots
  • Worldwide Usage

Theme Gallery

I'd like to revamp the theme gallery


Make the forums look like traditional forums, rather than posts with comments. Migrate forums to Vanilla Forums.

Blog Posts

All blog posts should have the Facebook "Like" widget. - Done


Any problems, problem modules, etc.


Lists of modules that we need on the site, don't need on the site, or they don't really matter.

Required Modules

  • Pathauto
  • Token

Optional Modules

Unnecessary Modules

  • Private Message


  • Update OpenLP logo on sourceforge
  • Update screnshots on facebook,, sourceforge &