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Features in v1 which are not in v2 or have changed

This page lists those features in v1 which are not in v2, or where functionality has changed/moved.

It doesn't list new features in v2, these can be found at Version 2 Features. This page should only include features that v1 users will already be familiar with and so may be looking for in the new version.


  • .OOS files - v1 OOS files cannot be used in v2.
  • Songs, Bible and Theme data - v1 files cannot be used directly, but options to import these files are available.

Main UI

  • Media Manager - Tabs are now vertical rather than horizontal
  • Video and Audio Tabs - Now replaced by a single Media tab
  • Close slide buttons - The close slide button on the preview and live controllers have been considered redundant and have been removed. Close to Theme has been replaced by Hide to Theme.
  • Hide buttons - The separate hide/close/show desktop buttons are now a single combo button, from which the action can be chosen.
  • Order of Service - Renamed to Service Manager. Buttons have been moved around so on top and bottom of the service items.
  • Service list, author name - Author name no longer appears in the service manager


  • Bible verse numbers - These are now displayed as superscript.


  • Fonts - Due to different renderer, fonts may appear differently on screen and line spacing may be different. It is unlikely an exact match can be produced.
  • Font size - This is no longer a percentage of screen size, but now a specific point size.
  • Background images - Background images are no longer stretched and aspect ratio will be maintained. Use an image editor to size the image if required.


  • CCLI web import - Currently CCLI web import is not available


  • Options -> Look and Feel - Removed
  • Options -> Language - Moved to Settings menu
  • Options -> View - Moved to View menu
  • Options -> Settings - Moved to Settings -> Configure OpenLP
  • Slide -> Alert - Moved to Tools menu
  • Slide -> Custom - Now found in the Custom tab of the Media Manager
  • Help -> User guide - Not yet written


Most settings are available, but they may be in different locations.

  • Video Mode - No longer required.
  • Button Visibility - Removed
  • Slide wrap around - Missing
  • Auto resize font - Missing
  • Song Display Settings - Removed, no longer possible to hide copyright information via the settings. Workaround by setting height of footer section in the theme to 0.
  • Use add song wizard - Removed
  • Hotkey settings - Removed. (Now always active, but note the keys have changed.)
  • Audio Settings - Missing

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have changed, and the complex ctrl-alt keyboard shortcuts no longer exist.

  • Esc - Close the output display
  • Down/PgDown - Next slide
  • Up/PgUp - Prev slide
  • Left - Prev item in service
  • Right - Next item in service
  • Close slide - No longer possible to close a slide

Song editor

  • Lyrics box - A blank line is no longer a verse separator. Verses can now be edited individually, or if editing the whole song (Edit All) special tags are now inserted to indicate verse breaks and types.