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I'm one of the OpenLP Core Developers and have been helping with the project since the 1.0 beta days. My primary role is to annoy the other core devs, but when I'm not doing that I'm tinkering with the code, doing a spot of testing, and also like to keep an eye on the bug system to keep it nice and tidy. I was involved with much of the current QWebkit display code, although others have improved it since. I keep an eye on Presentations and Remote code. I try and stay out of if I can! I also maintain the Songs of Fellowship and Generic Text import.

My primary development environment is on Windows 7. I'm in a minority in this regard!

My old to-do list, which I haven't looked at for ages

  • Songs:
    • Show song number in media manager
    • Update search title to include title, alt title, first line and song number
    • Consider moving song number from song onto songbook link, and having song numbers with song books.
    • Web import (,,,,,
    • PDF import (python-pypdf/pypdf)

My view on release schedule after v2.0

Note this is my own humble personal opinion, which has not been discussed with anyone else, might be full of flaws, and is just here so I don't forget when the time comes to discuss the future... (I.e. call it a discussion starter :-)

I propose moving to an Annual Stable Release cycle, broken down as follows:

  • Quarter 1 - 2.x.0 Alpha
    • 2 1/2 months of feature development
    • -2 weeks: Stabilisation
    • No string freeze/translations as still a moving target.
  • Quarter 2 - 2.x.1 Beta 1
    • As now
  • Quarter 3 - 2.x.2 Beta 2
    • As now, but no high-risk features
  • Quarter 4 - RC/Final
    • Feature Freeze
    • Code tidy Freeze
    • -8 Weeks: String Freeze for RC1
    • -6 Weeks: Release 2.x.3 RC1
    • -4 Weeks: Complete String Freeze
    • -2 Weeks: Release 2.x.4 RC2
    • 0 Weeks: Release 2.(x+1) Final.

where x is an odd number.