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Here are some guidelines that translators should follow when using transifex, the translation system, for translating OpenLP into their language.

Be Consistent
If you translate a certain word one way initially, as far as possible translate other instances of that word the same way. Keep close to common translations of other applications. Common translations can be found on Open-Tran.
Translate Meaning, Not Words
When translating, translate the meaning of the words or phrase, rather than directly translating the actual word. But do not start to explain (see next point).
Do not Explain
Do not start to explain the original string in your translation, because this increases the translation's length. However, your are still supposed to translate the meaning and not words, but you translation is not supposed to explain more than there is actually. (The translation is no manual.)
General Length, Not Actual Length
The translation does not need to be the same number of words as the original text, but it does need to be a similar length.
Adhere to Standards, Language Rules Override
Stick to the string standards as much as possible, but any grammatical or spelling rules for your language override the string standards.

Language (specific) String Standards

The following list links to the language specific string standards. If there is no such page for one translation you can create one, but before you do so discuss about your draft (we want to avoid, that people translate OpenLP using different string standards). If you wish you can write the string standards in the language you are translating to. However, do not hesitate to make any suggestion!

String Standards Talk page
Czech String Standards discuss/talk
English String Standards discuss/talk
German String Standards discuss/talk
Afrikaans String Standards discuss/talk
French String Standards discuss/talk
Hungarian String Standards discuss/talk
Korean String Standards discuss/talk
Norwegian Bokmål String Standards discuss/talk
Portuguese String Standards discuss/talk
Brazillian String Standards discuss/talk
Spanish String Standards discuss/talk
Swedish String Standards discuss/talk

If your language is not in the list, feel free to add it.