Scratchpad:Synchronising Data Between Computers

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OpenLP does not have a way to explicitly synchronise data between different computers. Having said that, listed below are some solutions some of OpenLP's users have used.

Service Files

By default, service files package everything that is needed to run a service into the file, so that it can be opened on another computer and used without issue. In OpenLP 2.0, songs can be copied back into the library automatically by enabling the setting in the configuration. In OpenLP 2.2, both songs and custom items are copied back into the library.

Synchronisation Services

Another method employed by some people is to use ownCloud, Dropbox or one of the other file synchronisation systems to copy the data files between computers. OpenLP can set to use a custom folder for its data, and the data synchronisation will happen in the background.

Note: This method is not recommended as most of these services will create a copy of a file when a conflict occurs, and this can cause data loss.

Export and Import

Using OpenLP's importing and exporting capabilities, all the songs can be exported from one instance of OpenLP and imported into another. Make sure to select the "OpenLyrics" format both ways. The duplication wizard can assist in finding duplicate songs.