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On some (windows) computers OpenLP takes longer than expected to load. This page is dedicated to collecting information about those computers which might help in tracking down the problem.

If OpenLP takes too long to load, please help us to solve this problem by documenting information about your computer.


  1. Make sure you install the latest nightly build.
  2. Make sure you have:
    • an empty song database, no bibles installed, no images and other items in the media manger, as this might affect the loading time.
      1. To ensure this, you can go to Tools -> Open Data Folder...
      2. Close OpenLP
      3. Rename the "data" folder to "data-backup" (after the test you proceed in the same manner, except that you rename "data-backup" to data)
    • Enable the setting "Show the splash screen" (used to help us track how long OpenLP takes to start)
    • Disable the setting "Automatically open the last service"
  3. Obtain a stopwatch or some other method of timing OpenLP
  4. Restart your computer, login and wait for all disk activity to finish. This is because OpenLP often loads much more quickly the second time it is started, skewing any timings.

Run The Test

When you have prepared for the test, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Start OpenLP in the debug mode: OpenLP (debug) (This menu entry should be appear in your windows menu) and simultaneously start your stopwatch
  2. Stop your stopwatch when the splash screen on the primary screen disappears.


Information Needed

Please, supply the following information:

  1. Operating System
    Example: Windows 7 Enterprise Edition (Service Pack 1)
  2. CPU
    Example: AMD Athlon II X2, 3 GHz
  3. RAM
    Example: 4GB, DIMM DDR3 1066MHz
  4. Graphics card
    Example: Radeon 9200 PRO with 128 MB
  5. Loading Time
    The time you have measured when you have conducted the test.
    Example: 2min 34sec
  6. Log File
    Please upload your log file to Make sure that the Paste Expiration is set to Never. Note, that you expose the log file to the public, thus should not enter any personal data.
  7. Contact
    Please link to your profile on or Launchpad, so that we are able to get in contact with you if necessary.
  8. Notes
    You can enter any information which you thing might be helpful.

Information Gathered

Operating System CPU RAM Graphics card Loading Time Log File Contact Notes Developer Notes
Windows 7 Professional Edition SP1 32bit Intel Core i7-920 2.696GHz (w/ 4 cores) 4GB (2 modules of 2GB) PC3 10600 DDR3 SDRAM UDIMM nVIDIA GeFOrce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 SDRAM 90s-100s log Contact - 1