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Currently available Tables


  • id
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • display_name


  • id
  • filename
  • type


  • id
  • name
  • publisher


  • id (Integer)
  • song_book_id (Integer)
  • title (VarChar(255))
  • alternative title (VarChar(255))
  • lyrics (Text)
  • verse_order (VarChar(128))
  • copyright (VarChar(255))
  • comments (Text)
  • ccli_number (VarChar(64))
  • song_number (VarChar(64))
  • theme_name (VarChar(128))
  • search_title (VarChar(255))
  • search_lyrics (Text)


  • rowid
  • song_id
  • topic_ide


  • id
  • name

Possible Extensions

Meta Data (identical to OpenLyrics)

  • createdIn
  • modifiedIn
  • modifiedDate

As OpenLyrics requires this, it he helpfull to have the information in the database.

Multiple Songbooks

To have the ability to add more than one song book to a song will be helpful for the song importers, since a few formats support more than one song book, which means we have to take one of the song book and drop the others.

May as list of songbook id's like in the Verse order.

This would have an impact to the GUI. May we could pass the songbook number and add same gui settings as for authors

State of a Song

This property describes the state of a song. This can be

  • 1 - in progress
  • 2 - Ready
  • 3 - faulty

This could have an Impact to the GUI. May the songs could have different colors in the media Manager List view (black - ready, yellow - in progress, orange - faulty). Also there would be the possible to change the state needed (eg. context menu, button, shortcut, radio button in the song editor or the like).

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