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Free worship resources

If you know of any decent worship resource sites, that are truly free and offer a decent amount of quality material, then please add the links below. Note some of these links may require registration.




Please note that due to licensing restrictions, we cannot offer copyrighted Bibles for download. Below are some resources where Bibles are available in various formats. We do not endorse copying or downloading copyrighted texts without prior permission from the publishing companies who hold these copyrights.

Additionally, OpenLP 2.x has the ability to download required fragments of bibles over the internet and store theses fragments in a bible specific database. Once the bible has been registered it will be available within the "Quick Search" tab. Importing Web Download Bibles

Song Lyrics

  • Kingsway Songs (Lyrics often displayed on the product pages for mp3 downloads]



A few links that require payment, but may be worth a look


  • Motion Loops they offer a free daily but have a paid bundler that is good and gives you 1 free volume per every 2 bought