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This page is outdated and needs to be updated

Packaging on Windows

On Windows we're using PyInstaller 3.1.1 to create a standalone application. The full list of software required is contained within the file in the [ packaging repository. Once you have everything installed and ready, you just need to run that file to produce a Windows installer. Here are some of the finer points necessary to get it up and running on the following versions of Windows.

Please note that currently we do not support building OpenLP for Windows with Python 3.5 or as a 64-bit application yet.


Due to the fact that Windows has no package management system, we have to install all the dependencies ourselves and make sure they are packaged.

Python 3.4

Install Python 3.4, 32-bit.


Install pip-Win

MySQL Connector

Run pip-Win and type in:

 pip install mysql-connector


Run pip-Win and type in:

 pip install pyinstaller