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For creating a package you need to install PyInstaller, then configure the OpenLP build process and run the build scripts. Make sure you have set up correctly the development environment and you are able to run

python openlp.pyw

Install PyInstaller

Currently we need the trunk version of PyInstaller at least revision 1355.

mkdir pyinstaller

cd pyinstaller

git clone git://

cd pyinstaller

cd source

./waf configure build install

Config the build process

Then adapt the openlp.cfg within the resources/osx folder of the OpenLP source tree, with your settings:

openlp_appname = OpenLP
openlp_dmgname = OpenLP-1.9.4-bzr1379
openlp_version = 1379
openlp_full_version = 1.9.4-latest
openlp_basedir = path_to_openlp_trunk
openlp_icon_file = openlp-logo-with-text.icns
openlp_dmg_icon_file = openlp-logo-420x420.png
installer_backgroundimage_file = installation-background.png
pyinstaller_basedir = path_to_pyinstaller_trunk
qt_menu_basedir = /Library/Frameworks/QtGui.framework/Versions/4/Resources/qt_menu.nib

Run the build scripts

Within the resources/osx folder run


to build a dmg (with the above mentioned settings it would have the filename OpenLP-1.9.4-bzr1379.dmg)

What the build script is doing:

  • Building the application
  • Packaging the Qt features
  • Packaging the OpenLP plugins
  • Creating a new disk image with diskutil
  • Adding the background image and the app to that image
  • Setting different display properties
  • Compressing the image

See the Makefile or the for further information

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