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Access needs to be granted to the update repository by the current maintainer. You will also need a Fedora Account. Visit Package Maintainers for more details

Clone the nightly build scripts or wait for tar.gz on Sourceforge.


yum install fedora-packager



Update Local repository to latest upstream versions

fedpkg switch-branch master
git pull
git fetch

Updates must start at Rawhide and then current followed by and intermediate versions.

fedpkg import PATH_TO_SRPM
# Review Changes, press 'q' to stop; Revert with: git reset --hard HEAD
fedpkg commit -p -m "Initial import (#XXXXXX)."
fedpkg push
fedpkg build

The repeat for each supported branch

fedpkg switch-branch f15,f16 master to change to correct branch

Submit update to Bodhi

fedpkg update