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Required Packages for Building

The following packages are required when building an OpenLP package:

  • bzr-builddeb
  • pbuilder
@:~$ sudo aptitude install bzr-builddeb pbuilder

You also need to checkout the lp:openlp/debian-package branch.

@:~$ bzr branch lp:openlp/debian-package

Updating Package for a New Release

First make sure that the latest source tarball has been uploaded to

Once that has been done, create a new changelog by editing the debian/changelog file:

$ dch -v 2.X.X-1

Then make sure the e-mail address is correct (should be the package maintainer/owner's e-mail address), and add any changes you need.

Lastly, commit it and push it up to Launchpad for merging.

When merged, that revision needs to be tagged with the version you added a changelog entry for:

$ bzr tag 2.X.X-1

Then you need to test building the package:

$ bzr bd

If all goes well, you need to test building it in a pristine environment:

$ sudo pbuilder --build openlp_2.X.X-1.dsc

Submitting Upstream


Once OpenLP is working fine locally, ask Raoul to upload to Debian. This usually takes a few days.


For interim releases, we have a PPA on Launchpad for Ubuntu. Once the Debian package is in sid/unstable, we can backport the package to the PPA.

First, you need to set up the PPA so that dput knows about it. Create or edit a file called ~/ and add the following in it:

fqdn =
method = ftp
incoming = ~openlp-core/ubuntu/release/
login = anonymous
allow_unsigned_uploads = 0

Before you run backportpackage, you'll need to let it know who is uploading the package:

$ export DEBFULLNAME="Your Name"
$ export DEBEMAIL=""

Once that is done, you can run backportpackage to upload the files to the PPA:

$ backportpackage -r -d xenial -d yakkety -d zesty -u openlp-release openlp

If you don't have backportpackage installed, install the ubuntu-dev-tools package:

$ sudo apt install ubuntu-dev-tools

Once the package has been backported into the PPA, also request that it be synced to the next version of Ubuntu:

$ requestsync -d unstable openlp