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Brief Summary of AUR

The Arch User Repository (AUR) is a bunch of PKGBUILD scripts that compile different programs. You can download the PKGBUILD and use makepkg to build it, or you can download an AUR package manager such as yaourt, clyde, or cower. Most PKGBUILD scripts don't install binary packages. Most of them just build the package from source. For more information, see the official Arch Linux wiki page.

Current Package Build Scripts

Currently there are two different Arch Linux package build scripts in the AUR.

The first builds OpenLP using offical release archives. The second builds directly from bzr. For information on how to actually write the scripts, see PKBGUILD Information on the Arch Wiki.

How to Update

Source Forge Package

To update the package build script that builds from the Source Forge package, you need to do three things.

  1. Update the version number (change the pkgver variable)
  2. Verifying that the source actually exists (in the source variable). If it doesn't exist, replace the URL with one that does work.
  3. Update the MD5 sums by looking at the MD5 sum on Source Forge.
  4. Install the package with the PKGBUILD script (e.g. makepkg -sirc) to verify it works.
  5. Upload the package to the AUR or give it to the package maintainer.

BZR Package

The openlp-bzr package probably won't need to be updated except for dependency changes. To get a newer revision, just reinstall the package.