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The basic idea is, to make OpenLP known to more people. The CCLI 2010 Survey makes clear, that there is indeed the possibility to promote OpenLP successful, since there is a huge amount of people who do not use a special lyrics projection software, but instead a normal presentation software.

Press Release

For the promotion of OpenLP 2.0, it has been suggested that a press release be written and issued.

Possible Publications to Target

Below is a list of publications which are suitable to submit such a press release to. Please add any you may know of.


OpenLP have previously been mentioned in the following blogs. Maybe we should as these bloggers to post an update.

Guides to writing Press Releases

What not to put

How to annoy the journalist


Promotion video

One possibility is, to create an OpenLP promotion video, which outlines OpenLP's features and its intuitive and straight forward GUI.

Example of Mozilla Firefox promotion videos (I personally like):

Furthermore, introduction videos can be created to explain some features in detail. One example video could explain the CCLI import. This video could be (needs to be checked) send to CCLI page, which presents different lyrics projection software.

Who wants to deal with this?

(just put your name here)

What do we need?


Basic ideas: flexibility, user-friendliness, intuitive GUI

  • Introduction: What is OpenLP?
  • Show OpenLP running on various platforms / mention the platform it runs on ("It runs on Mac <break> Windows <break> Linux <break> ...")
  • What can it be used for (Songs, Bibles, Images, ....)
  • Show plugin list (-> enabled/disable what you want/do not want)
  • Explain GUI, as the viewer may not have it installed we need to show that the GUI is intuitive. ("OpenLP is divided in four/five parts. Within each part you can do certain tasks: The Mediamanager lets you manage and edit your songs, bibles, images. The Preview Panel...")
  • Present some of its basic features
  1. Create/Edit/Download (CCLI)/Import (a) song(s)
  2. Preview items/send them live
  3. Demonstrate "Search as you type" / "on thy fly" use
  • Maybe show something related to using/editing/creating Themes
  • Show some "special" features (which underline OpenLP's "uniqueness")
  1. Remotes
  2. SongUsage
  3. Replace live background (image/media)
  4. Alerts parameter
  5. ...


Helpful Links

Banner/Link us

It should be easy to create some simple OpenLP banners for blogs and forums. Maybe we should encourage people to write a Blog Post and similar, when they like OpenLP.

Write to church union

Some church unions have a contract with CCLI, that is why we can suggest to them to recommend some lyrics projection software similar to that, what CCLI does here.