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Feature Requests

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WARNING: This page has been archived and has been kept for historical purposes.

All feature requests from users should be submitted in the Development forums after a search to prevent duplicates. Once a developer has picked up the feature request, it should be logged as a wishlist bug in Launchpad.

This is a list of feature requests posted to the openlp forums/ over the years. It also includes a few popular features from other worship presentation software.

This is by no means a target, rather a place to come and get ideas for future enhancements.

This list should only contain items which are not already in released versions or the current trunk, so please remove any that you know are already implemented. It is likely that this page will contain things that may never be implemented either due to technical or political reasons. However unless a feature request is completely outside of the scope of Worship Presentation software, it should remain here so we can get an idea of the features users want in the software. In the future technical or political hurdles may be overcome!

If you are not an OpenLP developer, please do not add new requests here yourself. Instead use the OpenLP forums where the request is more likely to be noticed, and can be discussed first.

Bug Tracker Items

In addition to this list, there are a number of wishlist items on the bug tracker

Proposed features for OpenLP 2.2


  • Service templates, e.g. Communion services with liturgy/comment items in place so just need to fill in the gaps
  • Time stamp on songs and copied to service items. If lyrics are different, only update database if timestamp in service file is newer than that in database.
  • Ability to spawn an executable file from service file
  • Timings/loops in service file
  • Separate comment items in service
  • Save extra properties with service, e.g. date, time, service type and worship leader. This could help with analysis of services as to who has done what songs, when.
  • Ability to define what to do after an item is finished (e.g. after song is completely finished -> switch to background or to black or display next item)
  • Improved highlighting of the item in the Service Manager which is currently live.
  • Single click preview in service manager
  • Add support for images in print service
  • Add support for songtexts in print service


  • Separate title slide for showing copyright/author information instead of on songs
  • Option to hide title/copyright/etc info after fixed amount of live time
  • Option to specify which slide(s) the footer information appears on i.e. First|Last|All
  • Ability to split out Title from other Footer info, and position this separately to author/copyright info. Also option to only show it on first, last or all pages.
  • Set colour/image of blank slide, .e.g black, white or church logo, etc
  • Built-in three (or more) monitor support (e.g. different outputs/alerts to Operator, Congregation (lyrics)
  • On screen countdown timer (overlay) - Main screen and/or Stage view
  • On screen clock (overlay)
  • Ability to scroll the song on the output, rather than having slides see WorshipSession
  • Good-looking line-wrapping and intelligent slide-wrapping
  • Option to change formatting of footer information, for example in bibles to remove the commas and use new lines instead
  • Option to show first line of next verse on the Live display


  • More transitions
  • Ability to wrap line/resize font on a theme basis, rather than global
  • Optional semi-transparent textbox behind lyrics, for situations where theme image is too bright
  • Integration with the website to upload/download themes
  • Add option to stretch the background image. It currently maintains aspect ratio.
  • Option to update properties on multiple themes at the same time (concept of theme templates or theme groups)
  • Ability to export multiple themes, rather than just one at a time


  • Ability to sort songs by title, first line of lyrics
  • Ability to store the key the song is written in
  • Print a listing of the song database (by title/firstline/author)
    • Sequence/Total number of songs by SongBook/Topic/Theme/Author
  • Search by song CCLI number
  • Ability to set songs as not in CCLI, so hide the CCLI number on screen. (E.g. for songs written by church members or songs in the public domain)
  • Import text from pdfs
  • On-demand song import from websites, e.g.,,
  • Ability to loop a subset of slides for a pre-determined time before proceeding to a slide after loop
  • Bilingual songs - Store multiple translations against a song, and display them together (with optional separator/colours) (See easislides or songbeamer for examples)
  • Modeless song editing, so OpenLP can continue to be operated (slide/song changes etc) whilst same or different song is being edited
  • Option to override verse order just in service item, leave media item untouched. [1] [2]
  • Search for keywords
  • Ability to select multiple songs and update Theme/Songbook/Topic information on all in one step (with the same information).
  • Option to override the background image for individual verses
  • Ability to add a song book when importing songs
  • Ability for OpenLP to change verses automatically according the to backing track / Set triggers in a background media file to change verses based on time


  • Sometimes Preachers unexpectedly read beyond the planned Bible verses. Therefore the ability to click a button to lookup and show the next verse would be useful.
  • A popup search which instead of dropdowns, contains buttons for each Bible book/chapter/versefrom/to to allow quicker search. The OpenSong live Scripture chooser is one example of this.
  • Mouse over to preview verses, or possible have the first few words of the verse listed to make finding verses easier when the speaker is jumping around.
  • Ability to set default search method
  • Ability to set a default second Bible version when displaing the same verse in two different Bible versions


  • Autostart/stop/loop powerpoints from any slide
  • Option to pause automatic advancing presentations
  • Impress, Keynote and Powerpoint on Mac


  • Option to loop media
  • Live video feed/webcam
  • Keep the theme displayed while playing audio files. The current system of going to a black screen is not nearly as appealing when you are only playing an audio file.
  • Display current time, remaining time and duration on the playback display.
  • Video adjustments like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, aspect ratio, positioning.


  • Basic image editing: Brightening, darkening, cropping and resizing are probably the most useful within the scope of OpenLP.
  • Use an image to replace the background of the currently displayed song/custom live.

Custom Slides

  • Import and Export

External interface

  • Control projector via RS232
  • Ability to communicate to LED display via a specified port
  • Ability to control openlp via midi interface. [3]


  • Chords + Transpose functionality (There appears to be a ChordPro format which we may want to import from [4] [5])
  • Ability to hold musical notation (advanced and low priority!) (lilypond/frescobaldi, musescore/musicxml)
  • More customization of openlp, (e.g. for touchscreen monitors need bigger buttons and to operate without context menus or double clicks)
  • "Favourites" - To quickly access frequently used songs/videos/etc
  • Show webpages
  • Scripting/Macros
  • Context-sensitive help, rather than PDF
  • Basic Line-in recording of audio + export to mp3/ogg. [6]
  • Backup/Restore - Ability to easily backup all database/configuration files, and transfer to another machine with corresponding restore function.
  • Ability to keep multiple machines over a network "in sync". Databases and configuration, but options to exclude some settings (e.g. monitor setup) and working folders.
  • Option to export rendered slides as images.
  • Keyboard shortcut to restart projection of the current item Bug 1021062
  • Lock the widths of the "Media Manager/Preview/Live/Service manager" columns when the option "Lock panels" is selected
  • Headless mode (OpenLP running without GUI, only serving as server for remote access)
  • Remote admin, i.e. open service file remotely (from a network mapped drive), and perhaps

adjustments to the template can be made. (

  • Ability to change the order of the plugins at Settings > Manage Plugins, e. g. Bible plugin showing on top of the Songs plugin at the left Library pane.