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Sentence case
The first letter of the first word is upper case, all other letters are lower case, unless the word is a proper noun.
Title case
The first letter of all words is upper case, except for secondary 2 letter words ("Go to Next Slide").

Names of Widgets

All widget names should be normal parts of sentences, e.g. "Cannot drag item from media manager to service manager."


All labels should be sentence case and end with a colon, unless the label is attached to check box or radio button: "Select theme file:"
Group Box Labels
Group box labels should be title case, without any trailing colons: "Display Options"
Menu Items
Menu items should be title case: "Go to Next Slide", "Save As"
Window/Dialog Titles
All window and dialog titles should be title case: "Open Service File"
Dialog Text
Dialog text must be full, proper sentences, with each sentence ending in a period.
Tooltips (hints)
Tooltips should be sentence case, and end with a period: "Open an existing service file."
Combo Boxes
Data in combo boxes should be in title case: "New International Version"
Check Boxes
Check boxes should have sentence case labels.
Buttons should have title case labels.