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For other Linux distributions, see Development:Linux Development Environment.

These are notes in progress on getting OpenLP 2.0 beta 1 to run on a Gentoo Linux system.

Build Dependencies

These are the packages that will be needed to build OpenLP. When we write an ebuild to automatically install OpenLP, these packages will be listed as dependencies.

  1. PyQT4. There is an ebuild in portage, but we need the right use-flags before installing dev-python/PyQt4
  2. Edit /etc/portage/package.use and add a line dev-python/PyQt4 multimedia doc assistant
  3. This tells portage to build PyQT with multimedia support, documentation and the assistant needed by Eric (IDE).
  4. Emerge dev-python/PyQt4, which will pull in the various required parts of QT and other dependencies.

Development Tools

These are tools which will be useful in developing OpenLP, but are not then required to run it. We we come to package OpenLP, we won't need these tools.

  1. Bazaar to obtain the latest source code to OpenLP - dev-vcs/bzr
  2. (optionally) enable bash completion for it $ eselect bashcomp enable bzr
  3. Eric Python IDE (development environment) - dev-util/eric
  4. This requires dev-python/PyQt4 built with the assistant use-flag, which you should have installed above.