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OpenLP has a reputation as an excellent open source application. To maintain that reputation we need to manage the use of OpenLP and its brand very carefully. This way, when people use OpenLP, or anything bearing the OpenLP brand, they can be assured that it will meet the standards they expect.

This set of brand guidelines serves to inform you as to what you as a user of OpenLP may and may not do with the brand.

About the Name

The name "OpenLP" is a contraction of "Open Source Lyrics Projection". It is not an abbreviation. The L and the P do not stand for anything, and the name is a single word with an uppercase O, an uppercase L and an uppercase P. It is not "Openlp", "Open LP" or "OpenLp", or even "Open Lp". That said, it is pronounced, "open el pea".


A brand is defined as a toolbox of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers.
A wordmark or logotype is usually a distinct text-only typographic treatment of the name of a company, institution, or product name used for purposes of identification and branding.
A slogan is a memorable motto or phrase used in many contexts as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose.
A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition.
Upper case
Otherwise known as capital letters. See Letter case for more information.
Lower case
Also known as small letters, the opposite of capital letters. See Letter case for more information.
Small caps
In typography, small capitals (usually abbreviated small caps) are upper case letters set at the same height and weight as surrounding lower case letters or text figures.
Mixed case
Mixture of upper case and lower case. See Letter case for more information.
Title case
First character in all words capitalised, except for certain subsets. See Letter case for more information.

Brand Elements

Elements OpenLP Banner.png

OpenLP Projector

This is the main element, which represents the rays of light shining from a projector. You may not cover the projector image, nor change the colour. It should not be distorted from its shape as a perfect circle; always maintaining an aspect ratio of 1:1. The background is a blue gradient, as outlined below, and the foreground lines are all white.


This is the logotype created using a specific font as specified in the Font section. The word uses small caps and may not be changed to mixed case. The "O", the "L" and the "P" all have the same height, while the inner "P", "E" and "N" have a height of 70% of the "O" and "L" and "P". The font is specified in the Font section. In regular text, keep it in title case as "OpenLP" and not "OᴘᴇɴLP" or "OPENLP".


This is our objective; it summarizes what we can offer to our users. This phrase must be in title case and its font is specified in the Font section.


Primary Font


The font in use in the wordmark and the slogan is Montserrat, an open source font that can be downloaded from Google Fonts. You may not change the font, including putting it into bold or italics, of either the wordmark or the slogan.

On websites and other media, Montserrat should be used for headings.

Secondary Font

Font Oxygen.png

Should you need a secondary font (outside of Montserrat for the wordmark and slogan) for OpenLP related material, you should use Oxygen. It is also an open source font that can be downloaded from Google Fonts. You may use extra formatting (like bold and italics) should you need it.



The OpenLP projector uses a light to dark blue gradient in the logo. The gradient starts with #507FDA and ends with #1E468C, where #3D6ABD is the centre colour. This gradient may not be changed to other colours. The text of the logo is a single colour, using the centre colour, #3D6ABD. This colour may not be changed.

The wordmark and the slogan both use this colour.

Black and White

When printing on the logo on a black and white printer, do not print the colour logo in greyscale, instead the OpenLP projector, the wordmark and the slogan are all black. See the Available Logos section.

Available Logos

You may use any of the artwork below in your projects, on your web pages, in your videos, and in printing. All OpenLP artwork should appear exactly as below.

Colour Logos

OpenLP Banner

OpenLP Banner.png

OpenLP Icon With Text

OpenLP Icon Text.png

OpenLP Icon

OpenLP Logo.png

Black and White

The black and white versions of the OpenLP artwork are only for situations where you are printing the OpenLP logo on a black and white printer. Please use the black logo for this rather than printing the regular one in greyscale.

OpenLP Banner

OpenLP Banner Black.png

OpenLP Icon With Text

OpenLP Icon Text Black.png

OpenLP Icon

OpenLP Logo Black.png

Exclusion Zones

Exclusion OpenLP Logo.png

Make sure if you are giving, at least, the same margins in all sides of the logo. This applies to all available logos.

Incorrect Use

Replacing the "O" of OpenLP

Do not replace the "O" of OpenLP with the logo, or any other image or mark.

Bad OpenLP Logo.png

Changing the Colours

Do not change the colours of the logo, the workmark, or the slogan.

OpenLP Logo Wrong Colours.png

OpenLP Banner Green.png

Changing the Orientation/Order

Do not change the orientation or order of the logo, the wordmark, or the slogan.

OpenLP Banner Flipped.png

OpenLP Banner Reverse.png

Do not distort the logo. As was said in OpenLP Projector section, the OpenLP Projector always should maintain the aspect ratio of 1:1, remaining a perfect circle.

OpenLP Logo Distorted 2.png

OpenLP Logo Distorted 1.png